What kind of revolution is needed in fashion?

14Apr17:00What kind of revolution is needed in fashion?


Millions lost their jobs and incomes as global fashion brands cancelled and reduced orders. While workers already had to deal with health and safety issues, low wages, gender-based discrimination, non-enforcement of labor laws and political persecution of trade unionists before the crisis, many now face homelessness and even malnutrition. Despite this change for the worse, workers all over the world fight for their rights and solutions to the root causes of the crisis can be found.

We have three first-rate labor experts from India, Bangladesh and Serbia with us and will debate the following questions:

  • What are the key labour issues for garment workers, how has the pandemic affected their lives?
  • Can there already be drawn any lessons from the Corona crisis?
  • What should the “new normal” after the crisis look like?

Anannya Bhattacharjee from Asia Floor Wage Alliance / an Asian labor-led alliance addressing poverty-level wages, gender discrimination & freedom of association in garment supply chains.

Kalpona Akter from Bangladesh Center for Workers’ Solidarity / grassroots workers’ rights organization advocating for improving working conditions and workers’ rights in Bangladesh.

Bojana Tamindžija from Clean Clothes Campaign Serbia and National Coordinator Center for the Politics of Emancipation



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